Sketch vs. final

This piece was actually based on a summer childhood memory. It’s one of those memories I still remember clear as day-climbing the boulders, sliding down the waterfall, cooling off from the summer heat…I had so much fun visiting the waterfall as a kid I wanted to capture that happy feeling.

I first sketch loosely with a blue pencil on watercolor paper, pursuing the energy and composition I want for the image, then I develop details with my dip pen and ink. I used to avoid dip pens because, believe it or not, I thought it would be hard to maintain/clean. But it turns out all you have to do is wash the nib with soap and water and dry it immediately. After I’m satisfied with the inked stage, I then apply watercolor and finishing touches (I’ve also shared a process reel for this on my Instagram last month). Sometimes when things start to feel overwhelming, I close my eyes and remember the carefree summer days like this one. I hope this piece helps you feel cool and relaxed!